Adriane Lochner

Adriane Lochner is a biologist by training. As a freelance journalist, photographer and travel writer covering cultural and environmental topics worldwide, Lochner spent a year in Kyrgyzstan learning about its culture, environment, people and the snow leopard. Currently, she is based in Germany.

Articles by Adriane Lochner

Asian Nations Unite to Protect Snow Leopards

Asian Nations Unite to Protect Snow Leopards

In Central Asia’s mountains, heritage and folklore show a centuries-old respect for the most elusive—and ecologically vulnerable—of the vast region’s wild predators: Panthera uncia, the snow leopard. In August delegates from 12 countries met at the Second International Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to advance increasingly successful collaborations in government, education, wildlife management and law enforcement.

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